Past Work

Linda James - Credits

On the set of Ironclad

Queens of Mystery (producer) 2019

Ironclad (executive producer) 2011

Submarine (executive producer) 2010

Patagonia (executive producer) 2010

Mr Nice (executive producer) 2010 

Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie (executive producer) 2010 

Valhalla Rising (executive producer) 2009

Skellig (TV movie) (executive producer) 2009

Abraham's Point (executive producer) 2008  

The Daisy Chain (executive producer) 2008 

The Edge of Love (executive producer) 2008 

Hunger (executive producer) 2008 

Flick (executive producer) 2008

I Know You Know (executive producer) 2008 


Nightwatching (executive producer) 2007 

In Prison My Whole Life (executive producer) 2007  

The History of Mr Polly (TV movie) (executive producer) 2007 

Big Nothing (executive producer) 2006 

The Safe House (TV movie) (producer) 2002 

Sir Gadabout, the Worst Night in the Land (TV series 1 & 2) (executive producers) 2002 

Goodbye, Mr Steadman (TV movie) (producer) 2001

Without Motive (TV series 1 & 2) (executive producer) 2000

Heaven on Earth (TV movie) (executive producer) 1998 

Beyond Fear (TV movie) (executive producer) 1997 

The Sculptress (TV movie) (producer) 1996 

Wilderness (TV miniseries) (executive producer) 1996 

Smokescreen (TV miniseries) (executive producer) 1994 

Crocodile Shoes (TV Series 1) (executive producer) 1994 

Samson Super-Slug (TV series 1 & 2) (executive producer) 1994 

Body & Soul (Tv miniseries) (executive producer) 1993 

The Life and Times of Henry Pratt (TV miniseries) (executive producer) 1992 

The Diamond Brothers (TV Series) (executive producer) 1991 

Just Ask For Diamond (producer) 1990 

The Gift (TV Series) (producer) 1990 

Coming Up Roses (producer) 1987 

Kersplat! (TV series) 1987 

Aderyn Papur... and Pigs Might Fly (TV movie) (producer) 1984 

The Works (TV Series) (producer) 1984 

Joni Jones (TV miniseries) (producer) 1982 


Stephen Bayly - Credits

 Julian's Garden (short film) (actor/writer) 2009

 Mrs Dalloway (producer) 1997 

 Richard III (producer) 1995 

 The Diamond Brothers (TV series) (executive producer) 1991 

 Just ask for Diamond (director) 1990 

 Coming Up Roses (director) 1987 

 Aderyn Papur... and Pigs Might Fly (TV movie) (director) 1984 

 The Works (TV series) (director) 1984 

 Joni Jones (TV miniseries) (director) 1982 

 Nouvelles de Henry James (TV series) (producer - 1 episode) 1976 

 Loving Memory (producer) 1971